a massive arctic bruin, seemingly one of the "Briarpelt" kind.
adult; shows no obvious signs of advanced age.
uncertain, as with most bears.
just under 6' at the highest point of the shoulder when quadrupedal; 12' when bipedal.
sturdy and heavily built, even for a bear.
dense, dark grey, almost black, with a curious kinked, wavy texture. a darker, irregular spotting or mottling pattern extensively covers their body, becoming much denser along their neck and back. a crest of silvery white, blue-white in shadow, extends from their forehead along the back of their neck; their toetips and tail tip also bearing the same color. the protective thorns of their namesake cover their back and are quite large, varying in length from that of a finger to a hand, curved like claws and pointing away from the bear's head. the texture of the pelt is quite thick and soft, as would be expected of an arctic animal, the density of the fur hiding the dark thorns interspersed throughout near flawlessly.
paw pads and nose leather:
peach, similarly mottled as their pelt with a darker hue of the same color.
deep blue. subtly heterochromatic, noticeable only when very close: the left tinted green.
speaks softly, in the gravelly low pitch one would expect of a large creature. maintains a distant but gentle formality in addressing anyone they don't seem to know well.
a large, mottled dark grey bear with curly fur and long pointed ears lying down and resting their head on their paws