Silver is not known to be especially forthcoming about anything regarding their past, and is even repelled by most inquiries... though curiosity of a less intimately personal focus seems to bother them much less. Local gossip and idle rumor serve to somewhat fill in the blanks, though discerning what's actually true can be quite difficult.

Some more involved with people Silver even sort of regularly associates with may find more knowledge at their disposable, depending on who they know... or ask.
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Argent Crusade
  • Silver's reserved personality and tendency to completely avoid any social interaction earned them few friends within the Crusade despite their standing overall being quite good. Even so, they're still noted to be one of a close and trusted few of the esteemed Grand Crusader Thurien Skyblaze. Both Thurien and Silver joined the Dawn as it formed, and Thurien's word carries quite far within the Crusade.

denizens of Booty Bay Silver was invited by Red to live in his home in Booty Bay as they became close, and so Silver settled down with him to begin a new chapter of their life. Red being somewhat of a celebrity amongst the locals meant in turn Silver also became held in the public eye, though naturally less so. However, only the most skilled can hide much about themselves in a city where words are traded freely as cargo on the docks, and spending enough time in Booty Bay is bound to lead to overhearing some things that can't be easily stumbled upon elsewhere.
  • Though Silver is known to live with Red, where exactly Red's living quarters are remains something of a mystery even to those who've lived in Booty Bay for years. Several wild speculations exist, none of them proven. Silver is as tight-lipped about this as Red, which some find exceptionally irritating as they are the only other person aside from Red's staff and the couple's children to have even been led to the place, let alone seen the inside.
  • Silver and Red do indeed have children, the three of them treated with nothing but utmost adoration and fondness by both their parents. These three, aside from being Red's children and naturally attracting some of the attention Red has, are spoken of by others with wonderment... and jealousy from some, how lucky Red must be to have children all as perfect as any parent could want! Rajuro, the eldest son and particularly visible as the oldest, is said quite consistently to be kind, generous, good-natured, and exceptionally emotionally stable, which is only notable with regard to Silver being as furtive and nervous as they are. Some say these kids turned out this way despite being coddled by their parents, though to others the nature of these kids is only the result of being treated well. Regardless, Silver and Red both receive a number of jokes from other parents about stealing or trading children, to which the response is always a cheerful "no!"
  • At this point Silver has lived in Booty Bay for quite a while, and has eaten at least once at every place there is to sit down for a meal in the city. Thus, every one of these places has at least one server who can recall Silver having an aversion to all kinds of meat. This seems ideological rather than because of an allergy or other food-related illness, as meat dishes served to Silver in error that will otherwise be thrown away Silver will choose to eat anyway, citing they don't wish to waste the sacrifice of the animal.

Cenarion Circle
  • Silver's membership to the Circle at all is both long-standing and troubled. Silver's records note a history of frequent and irritable disagreement with particular ideologies and practices held by the Circle, and a deep hatred specifically for former Archdruid Fandral Staghelm... curiously in contrast with their otherwise seemingly mild personality. After a particularly hostile encounter Silver simply stopped showing up for any gathering Staghelm also was attending, and didn't seem surprised at all to hear of his betrayal or bothered much by his death.
  • Silver has also been estranged from most of the elven members of the Circle since their initiation long ago, for a variety of reasons depending on who's being asked. Some cite Silver's "strange"ness as offputting, others finding Silver's open friendliness to the "lesser" races disdainful, yet more have comments on what they have described as "unwarranted hostility" and (unfounded exaggeration, they insist) accusations of xenophobia and racial hatred. Though Silver shows no such aggressiveness towards worgen members some make mention they suspect, but naturally can't be sure, that Silver may be avoiding them in particular.
    By contrast, Silver freely mingles with the Circle's troll members, and is especially warm to Tauren who don't spurn their presence.
  • Those (in the minority, understandably) of not finding Silver to be more trouble than their presence is worth do take particular care to communicate Silver's selfless dedication to the few ideologies they share with the Circle overall — a strong need to restore the corrupted and damaged areas of Azeroth, and protect her flora and fauna alike.

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