about the World's Heart / Heart of the World Clan

an animated picture of a forest with a large tree in the foreground, and a stream running down around the tree
this animated art is by Mark Ferrari!

The Heart of the World Clan is a small group of loners, former kittypets, and cats formerly from other clans that follow Silverheart, or became acquainted with them during their wandering. The Clan is named after the location of their camp deep in their chosen woods, far from most human civilization, and known to other cats in the broad general area as the "Heart of the World" for being a rumored but previously undiscovered 'paradise' of sorts. Their code was decided upon the official formation of their clan, being a combination of personal taste and an amalgam of other clan codes the cats experienced and agreed with.

(as with most of my site, this page is heavily a work in progress! this clan's warrior code, members, rankings, etc. are all being developed still and may change or be added to sporadically.)