sensed only sometimes, when Silver asks for their presence but also sometimes on their own. Their specific connection to Silver is unclear, and even when asked Silver seems sort of bewildered as well by them, saying (the spirits) came when I called... though I didn't realize I was calling for them until they came to me. they manifest glowing pale and blue near Silver, in a small spirit sphere or sprite marble form when called and in a full body form when they choose to appear, and though Silver usually calls all five when they choose to call these spirits when appearing on their own they may show up in any number or simply one by itself. whatever their true reasons for doing Silver's bidding are unclear, as the spirits if they can speak never do, but they seem protective of Silver in some sense and can be seen to suddenly appear by Silver's side even when not called to defend them.

the spirits do not give the feeling they have their own names despite Silver calling them by particular names, and all have the unsettling aura of ancient forest gods.

spirit of familiar

animated sprite of a small fuzzy grey bat monster element: Shadow 1

A shadowy spirit undoubtedly, small as any other Familiar would be in life. Despite its diminuitive size the mere presence of this spirit causes feelings of especially deep unsettlement in many, though when not compelled to defend Silver it hovers placidly at around the level of Silver's head and Silver invariably describes it as "cute".
When Silver attacks this small spirit dives in as well, biting Silver's enemies and seeming to sometimes temporarily blind or disorient them as well.

spirit of nine tail

animated sprite of a kitsune
element: Water 3

A surprisingly large spirit, much larger than any Nine Tail ever seen before... comparable in height to an especially large Desert Wolf. Even more unusually this spirit doesn't seem to have an affinity for fire at all, instead having abilities that are clearly ice-based in nature, and its distinctly silver pelt notable even in death.
Though seen at Silver's side only sometimes normally this is the spirit whose presence is constant when Silver takes up a bow, acting in the stead of and all the skill of a fully trained hunting warg.

spirit of tarou

animated sprite of a small, cute white mouse monster
element: Neutral 1


spirit of tendrillion

element: Earth 3
animated sprite of a white lion with three curved horns on its head and a body covered in vines


spirit of cornus

animated sprite of a white winged unicorn element: Holy 3

This spirit's presence is felt when Silver casts Detoxify or Cure. whether this is coincidental or not is unclear, though this seems most likely to be another way the spirit aids Silver.