Silver's animal companions

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an enormous brown goat monster with huge curved horns and a thick wooly tan fleece like a sheep

Silver foregoes any mounts offered by the various class guilds, instead taking Briar as their steed of choice.

a cute, tiny white bunny monster with very long, cloudy fur

a baby ice wolf that is barking and wearing a pacifier and bib

a cute bipedal white cat monster wearing leaves as its clothes and hat

a small, black and white multi-eyed demon with a long thin head and equally long thin tongue

A remarkably chill little guy, despite his name though very typical of his kind of creature. Calm, friendly and curious, with a notable love of fruit both fresh and fermented. Like any gremlin he explores novel things by gently touching them with his long, thin tongue, which most people find incredibly unsettling.

a bipedal black cat monster with white muzzle and feet, wearing a huge red ribbon tied in a bow around its neck