site rating

This website is rated NC-17, which means it is not for viewers 17 and under.

not every page will contain content of this type, and in fact most of my pages don't contain anything even close to this rating. i do plan on hosting my art here at some point though, which will include my explicit art, a section of my commissions page which will include explicit content i will/won't draw, and other things like that. after contemplating a few options i decided having the site rating stay consistent across the site and list the potentially most mature rating, rather than have the rating suddenly change when a page is loaded that contains explicit things. (if it helps to know, if i went with other options i would've added warnings right on the links for pages that are NC-17.)
as of this current writing i don't actually have any pages that justify this rating, but i'm adding the rating pre-emptively. any adult content i do add will come with warnings for its nature and be hidden or blurred until the viewer confirms they're at least 18. i will hopefully also be able to get working a detailed content warning system, not just for adult stuff but general warnings for things like gore or other stuff that might upset or trigger someone. however, please note: warnings and protections are very likely to require javascript and / or at least a modern, not-mobile-specific browser. i am attempting to get feature polyfills working for older browsers, but polyfills themselves also require javascript. i will also never go out of my way to support web browsers that only exist on mobile devices; many of them will never implement features that are integral to my site, or are simply a pain to support (and to be honest, i just don't find them even slightly trustworthy.) so if my site still works on one of them, great! but if not, i'm not going to care. either way i really suggest using the mobile version of a well-known desktop browser like Firefox for mobile devices. other browsers i will actively support are Chrome and begrudgingly Safari + any browsers based off the browser engine of these. i will also tentatively test in samsung internet and android web browser simply because i have access to them, but if something doesn't work in them i'm not gonna care that much.

regardless of age, you (if you are 18+) or your guardian (if you are under 18) are solely responsible for curating your viewing of web content and i accept no responsibility for tastes or needs other than my own. i will try my best to accomodate other people though, and am open to suggestions on how to implement or improve content filtering on my site. however, anyone who contacts me just to yell at me about something they didn't like or found upsetting on my site (despite ignoring warnings, or still using ancient unsupported software for some reason...) will be laughed at then blocked permanently.