i try to keep things about all my OCs on a need to know basis, but i also feel strongly about visibility of minority characters! Silver is a queer neurodivergent character written by queer neurodivergent person, and this page is here to proudly display everything queer about this character!

as also stated on my RP preferences page, i do allow for speculation of their gender and different pronouns in the speech of other characters,
but all non-speech must refer to Silver by their correct pronouns:
they / them


Though not everyone who can potentially consider themself a part of the greater LGBTQ+ community does so, Silver sees themself as part of the greater community and always strives to work in solidarity with all their LGBTQ+ siblings. As someone who has been forced to struggle for most of their life with being accepted as who they are, Silver's ire is quickly earned by all who attempt to divide the community or gatekeep who is and isn't considered "acceptable" or "(x) enough" to belong. Silver's feelings on the matter, and also for who belongs to any sublabels within the LGBTQ+ community, are Not everyone who can be a part of this wants to be, no; but anyone who feels spurned by society, anyone who feels like they've truly come home when they find this community is welcome and accepted by me, and I will defend to the death your safety and acceptance here.


Silver considers themself to be wholly outside the sphere of gender and, by extension, are completely genderless. If prompted for more information, Silver will elaborate along these lines: Imagine a form, with a field for gender, that everyone has marked male or female, or written in something that suits them better. My form has no gender field. I'm not genderless as in a checkbox marked 'other/no gender'; I'm genderless as in that entire section has been forcefully removed or was never allowed to existed there in the first place.
Silver is not particularly attached to agender specifically, so much as the term is a widely accepted descriptor of genderlessness and ascribes a sense of being more 'official' that others tend to be more likely to accept, and they find community with others like them under agender.


As a nonbinary person who has never felt either 'straight' or 'gay' properly encapsulates their relationships and attraction to others, Silver naturally falls under being diamoric.

(further reading here: 1 2)


A gender-specific variant of the wide umbrella term queer, which Silver feels an affinity for as they do queer itself.

grey asexual

Very few have ever found themselves to be the object of carnal attraction from Silver, and even for those few Silver's interest in following through on those desires is rare.


Silver has never felt any gender they've been forcefully ascribed fit them at all, and as many others like them falls under the umbrella of nonbinary.

pansexual + panromantic

Silver finds themself attracted to many different kinds of people both throughout and outside the gender spectrum, with no particular preference. This coexists with their grey asexuality; rare as their sexual attraction to others is, it follows the same lack of preference for any particular gender as their romantic attraction.

polyamory spectrum

Silver is easily as capable of being content and happy in one relationship as two or more, and they do slightly prefer being in only one. The complicated nature of emotion can tend to leave Silver in a web of relationships and partners, though, and they certainly understand when the same occurs for other people.
There are many types of polyamory as people are quite diverse, and Silver is only ever found in polyamorous relationships that lack hierarchy or any preferential treatment of particular partners. This isn't due to any moral objection on Silver's part, as they believe such relationships are fine for people who desire and happily consent to them, but preference and hierarchy in polyamory are simply fundamentally incompatible with Silver as a person so they actively avoid such things.


As someone who is quite reserved and, privately, deeply distrustful of most other people for a large variety of reasons, Silver has a particular affinity for queer. Queer easily communicates one's deviance from, or outright rejection of, societal norms and expectations around gender, presentation and sexuality, and has deep ties to rebellion against all oppressive social structures. These are all things Silver appreciates deeply, though maybe none more so than these are the only things that define queer; queer tells no secrets, allowing those who use it the power to be as forthcoming or quiet about the finer details of themselves as they choose.


Silver's complete rejection of the gender binary and innate affinity for the cosmos come together in stellarian. Though others may have different feelings, Silver's defintion specifically for themself of stellarian is genderless, but with stars.

(further reading here: 1 2)


Transgender is for all who come to find they are not the gender they were assigned at birth, regardless of what gender they actually turn out to be, and though not all who can claim trans choose to do so Silver certainly does.

i'm sure to at least some people this is "too many" flags and identities, but for others – like this character and myself – there are never too many of such things. either way, coming to a page labeled "pride" and expecting anything less than this is hilarious and quite silly.

(also, i would hope things never come to this, but i don't tolerate harassment and harassing me about this page in any way will just earn an immediate block.
if you don't understand someone harmlessly different from you, either try to learn from them or just let them be.)