Silver's pokémon team

redoing this page completely! the table format just wasn't working out for me ultimately, and i don't think tables are quite intended for what i was using them on this page anyway.
for now i'll be scrapping a lot of what i had here, but replacing it with a more simple list style format until i figure out exactly what i want to do with this page (again), though i'm leaning towards a "profile card" type format in eventuality. pokémon listed here will also (very eventually) have links to full profile pages, which will include all the information that was in the table that was previously here as well.

this is, regardless of state, a page for my character Silver's pokémon.
(pokémon without a name specified just have a pending name! Silver names all their pokémon; i just sometimes need to think about exactly what would fit each pokémon best, and sometimes the names may change if i think of something i like better.)

battling pokémon

obviously, for pokémon used for battling! some used more than others, and teams would be very mix-and-match to suit the situation.

Level Ball Quilava

Serious, brave, and steadfast, but confused by others' sense of humor. Only rarely in her poké ball.

Moon Ball Meowstic

Nervous, quiet and very shy; less so around others he's familiar with. Treated as a "baby brother" by all pokémon older than him Silver trains, though sees Cinder as his older sister before all others. Also often out of his poké ball.

Bijou full name "Bijou Velvet Cinnamon Bun"
Safari Ball Lopunny

Silly and energetic, to the point of being obnoxious to some. Very chatty with other pokémon.

Moon Ball Luxray

(being rewritten!)

Moon Ball Doublade


Dream Ball Musharna

True to his name, somewhat eccentric and head-in-the-clouds, though only rarely speaks his mind. Capable of psychic thought-speech.

Fast Ball Arcanine

Bold, confident and brave, but a bit prideful. Exceptionally athletic, even for her species. Very good friends with Cinder.

Friend Ball Leafeon

Sweet, naïve, and sees the good in everyone. Difficult to anger and eager to please. Absolutely enamored with the Scrafty also in Silver's team; the two are rarely seen apart.

Level Ball Flapple

(newly added! personality and name currently being developed!)

Heavy Ball Corviknight

Serious and humorless, though not nearly as mean as he looks unless provoked. Protective of smaller, helpless pokémon. Immensely intelligent and contemplative.

Ultra Ball Manectric

Very lazy, frequently found napping with his mate Orion when not asked to battle. Even-tempered and bothered by extremely little, to the point where even swarms of loud, excitable children he will allow to pet him as much as they want.

Heavy Ball Rapidash (Galarian)

Unusual color morph. Aloof and reserved, though still compassionate when approached. Level-headed and calm even when embroiled in intense battles.

Dusk Ball Decidueye

Calm and collected. Can come off as cold. Quite warm to those who actually approach her.

Team Rocket Poké Ball Scrafty

Severe and cold, warms up extremely slowly to others. Affectionate towards and intensely protective of the Leafeon also trained by Silver, and is almost never seen far from her.

Quick Ball Shuckle


Sky Shadow
Dusk Ball Noivern

Perky, curious and full of energy. Easily distracted. Loves to eat! Is particularly fond of fresh berries, and will devour any and all (not-sour) berries given to her until she can barely fly.

Heavy Ball Ninetales (Alolan)

The "dad" of Silver's team. Patient, kind and extremely gentle to everyone he meets. Seems to be much older than Silver's other pokémon.

Nest Ball Golisopod

Mastered fierceness in battle, but retains his true – timid and gentle – character outside of fighting.

non-battling pokémon

not all Silver's pokémon are strong enough for battling, and others just don't want to participate in battles at all. Silver still keeps them as friends and companions, and some of them are trained in utilarian purposes.

Safari Ball Gogoat

Steady and stalwart, quietly friendly. The team "mom" pokémon. Silver's chosen steed across land and shallow water.

Safari Ball Skiddo

Briar's young son. Likes to playfully headbutt!

Love Ball Espurr

Sassy, finicky and prone to being grumpy. Only likes Silver and Fig, and irritably avoids everyone and everything else.

Fig Biscuit
Heavy Ball Rockruff


Heavy Ball Mew

Curious, gentle and optimistic. Very fond of Silver. Greatly dislikes fighting; only enters battle when absolutely necessary, and of their own choice. Capable of psychic thought-speech; speaks only rarely to others who aren't Silver or Silver's other pokémon.

Dive Ball Mantine

Friendly, cheerful, and difficult to upset. Silver's chosen transportation over and under deep water.

Quick Ball Dunsparce


(pokémon listed here will have access to anything they had in any previous game, including items and moves that are not currently allowed or present in the current gen, and including moves and items that are event-only, and including in ways that are currently unobtainable.
i'm willing to modify my pokémon a bit so they fit additional limitations in specific RP continuities, but as they are listed here and eventually in their profile pages will always be their base, canonical iteration. i will not, however, remove any pokémon from this lineup for any reason.)