a collection of music relevant to my original character Silver, either in that it reminds me of them or is something i associate with them, or is just music they would like.
wip as always! will be adding songs and links to songs over time, as well as prettying up the table. eventually.
(i mean, yes i could've just made a youtube playlist, but i didn't want to, and thought this would be more fun to do 😺 also i'm admittedly not fond of any of the playlist-building websites, and find a list like this a lot easier to read and maintain.)
if there's any wrong or misplaced information on here, feel free to leave me a message on one of my social media accounts listed on my art page!

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artist(s) title album links
2 Dragon Song
4mat Paper Dolls Digital : A Love Story OST youtube
Afro Celt Sound System North (part 2) Volume 3: Further in Time youtube
Alexander Brandon The Synapse Deus Ex OST youtube
America Man's Road The Last Unicorn OST youtube
Bignic Ruiner Lethal League Blaze OST
Caravan Palace The Dirty Side of the Street Panic
Death Cab for Cutie Soul Meets Body Plans
Depeche Mode Policy of Truth Violator
Desert Dwellers Point of Awakening Groove Closet youtube
Dream Theater These Walls Octavarium
Emerald Rose Castle of Arianrhod Bending Tradition
flashygoodness Luna Ascension Tower of Heaven OST
Fumie Kumatani Mystic Ruin Sonic Adventure OST
Funtastic Power! Lingering Resentment
Gorillaz El MaƱana Demon Days
Gorillaz Tranz The Now Now
Journey Separate Ways Frontiers
Journey Wheel in the Sky Infinity
Juno Reactor Tanta Pena Gods and Monsters
Linkin Park Robot Boy A Thousand Suns
Linkin Park Wretches and Kings A Thousand Suns
Mazzy Star Into Dust So Tonight That I Might See youtube
Miki Higashino Withered Earth Genso Suikoden II - Orrizonte collection youtube
Muse Supermassive Black Hole Black Holes and Revelations
Necros Introspection youtube
Nobuo Uematsu Freya's Theme Final Fantasy IX OST
Nobuo Uematsu You're Not Alone! Final Fantasy IX OST youtube
Origa ft. Yoko Kanno Inner Universe Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex OST youtube
Parov Stelar Libella Swing Coco
Pendulum Hold Your Colour Hold Your Colour
Pendulum Showdown In Silico
Pendulum Watercolour Immersion
Peter Murphy Cuts You Up Deep
Plazmataz, Tavia Morra Even in Death (T'Morra's Belly Mix) Homestuck Vol. 8 youtube
Robert Blaker Valhalla Homestuck Vol. 5
RTPN Aftershock
Scattle, Carpenter Brüt Remorse (Carpenter Brüt Mix) Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number OST youtube
Simon & Garfunkel Scarborough Fair Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme
soundTeMP Through the Tower Ragnarok Online OST youtube
SYRSA Terra Edmyron youtube
The National Exile Vilify Portal 2 OST
The Prodigy Warriors Dance Invaders Must Die
Tor Glass and Stone Drum Therapy
Trentemøller Miss You The Last Resort
Woodkid Conquest of Spaces The Golden Age
Yoko Kanno Alois Zankyou no Terror OST youtube

eventually, this table will compress in a less awkward way when viewed on smaller devices, but i'm still in the process of deciding the cleanest way for everything to collapse and organize.
until then, it's just gonna be ugly and difficult to view if compressed, sorry!