people who get blocked

at this point in my life i have no tolerance for peoples' varied and ridiculous bullshit and refuse to put up with any of it. so, if you've come here after figuring out you've been blocked and want to know why, feel free to find yourself on this list if you're curious. i do hope that ultimately anyone who ends up on my block list grows in a positive and helpful way in their life somewhere down the line, but i hope for that simultaneously with the want they do that growing far away from me.

bigots / fascists and their sympathizers
blocked on sight, no exceptions. also note the wording; even people who haven't explicitly claimed any bigoted or fascist bullshit as part of their identity i will still block immediately if they're saying the same hateful things or using hateful talking points.
this includes but is definitely not limited to: racism, islamophobia, antisemitism, TERFs / "gender critical"s / transphobia in general, "alt-right" (which is frankly just a rebranding of neo-nazism), bi/panphobia, asexual and aromantic exclusionism and hate in the LGBTQ+ community, and queerphobia. do also note i don't fucking care even if you're part of the LGBTQ+ community as well; LGBTQ+ bigots still deserve to have their femurs broken.
religious conservatives and anti-choice people
also blocked on sight. religious conservatives are vastly more likely to be hateful, ignorant and even dangerous in my experiences than people who are just religious or just conservative, and are specified outside of the previous list entry because their shittyness doesn't always fall under that (though make no mistake, it frequently does).
i don't necessarily block every anti-choice person i encounter, but anyone who has this as a strong enough part of their identity to do things like add "pro-life" to the front page of their social media is absolutely blocked immediately.
health and food cultists
specifically meaning people part of a group with ridiculously ignorant beliefs that are very aggressive about attacking anyone who doesn't share their belief system, and just generally behaving very similarly to people in actual cults.
essential oils cultists
again, note the wording. most people who use essential oils are fine; i'm specifically talking about the people who have bought into the false beliefs essential oils are a total replacement for modern medicine and real cleaning solutions, loudly spread this misinformation, and refuse to listen to any kind of actual real facts about essential oils... especially how harmful and even deadly essential oils legitimately can be when not used carefully and properly.
diet cultists and fatphobes
including but not limited to: obsession with non-medical diets, pressuring other people to count calories and/or "watch what they eat", attacking and shaming fat people for existing, branding foods as "clean", etc. keep your disordered eating habits and obsession with body fat to yourself unless it's to seek help for your eating disorder.
cultists who call themselves vegans
and again, this doesn't mean or imply all vegans; most vegans are fine and i respect you. i'm specifically talking about the aggressive assholes who call themselves vegans and also do things like: share gore of dead animals to scare non-vegan people, spread blatant lies about animal agriculture and the food industry in general, shame and attack people for not being or not wanting to be vegan, compare animal agriculture to the holocaust or systemic racism (they're not comparable holy shit) or claim humans are herbivores (spoiler: we're not), tell disabled people they deserve to die for requiring animal products, condescendingly refer to non-vegans as "carnists", etc.
and for the inevitable "but i've never seen any vegan do those things!": count yourself lucky you've never had to experience any of those things and maybe accept people aren't all liars.
other health conspiracy theorists
if you believe COVID-19 was "secretly just the government trying to surpress our Freedoms™", then frankly you're a piece of shit and fuck you.
horde fanaticism (WoW-related)
almost can't believe i have to be putting this here, but i've had over a decade of playing both factions on this stupid game and time and time again the people who are downright vicious and cruel to me about playing "the other faction" are FAR too many fanatical horde players specifically. i've given countless chances for people who act like this to show they're not just terrible and they never do, so i'm just done with all of it. i'll only ask people to stop acting this way once before they just get blocked or added to ignore. "but don't alliance act like this too?" no, frankly, they fucking don't. not even once has anyone on alliance attacked and ridiculed me for playing horde, while i've been torn into a ridiculous amount of times by horde players for the "crime" of playing alliance. fuck off.
people who are just generally being insufferable assholes
just being a terrible person is sometimes enough to make me decide i never want to see you in my online space again. i try to give people the benefit of a doubt on this, but sometimes i'm just having a bad day and don't want to see someone's particular brand of asshattery at all or again.
social media accounts that don't use tagging systems
i don't necessarily consider this a bad thing to do, as thorough tagging systems can take a lot of energy especially when your energy is already very limited. i only block accounts for this i seem unable to avoid because they're very popular or just otherwise have content that's passed around a lot, and they therefore keep exposing me to things i can't handle. it's a last ditch resort, and i'll generally try other options first to try and filter out the account somehow.
people who argue with me about being blocked or disputing things on this list as being block-worthy
this list isn't for debate no matter how disagreeable anyone finds that, and overstepping my boundaries because you think your opinion is more important than another person's boundaries is in of itself blockworthy and also guarantees i won't give a solitary fuck about anything you have to say.