nsfw commission info this is a list of nfsw content (and things in nsfw content) i absolutely will not draw, made in conjunction with the sfw chart on my main commissions page.
if something doesn't appear on here, i'm probably okay with drawing it, though feel free to ask to be certain. i'm always open to questions on whether something does or doesn't fall into a category on this list, as well.

commissioners will be asked if they are 18+ before i accept this kind of commission, for liability reasons.
as with all my commissions, if i take a commission and find i'm less comfortable with a particular topic than i thought, this list will be updated to reflect that and your money will be refunded in full.
minors caught lying about being adults to commission nsfw content from me will be publicly called out on all my accounts for the protection of other artists, and given a lifetime ban on requesting art from me.