1. strive to be kind and helpful to everyone both within and outside the guild. this includes people of factions outside your own. if you don't feel you can uphold this, taking a break or simply avoiding interacting with people in-game is highly advised.
  2. no hate speech or bigotry, including repeating of fascist or hateful slogans or propaganda even as a joke. (we don't "make x great again" in this group.)
  3. disparaging another faction / allegiance / in-game group is also discouraged, even as a joke. the leader of this group cannot always tell what is a joke and what isn't; don't rely on being "joking" to save face there.
  4. be patient with newer players of the game, and simply avoid interacting with them if you'd rather not guide them through learning things. elitism and rudeness towards people who don't know game mechanics or other things of a similar vein is forbidden.