home hi! this was, originally, a site just meant for one of my original characters, but is slowly being moved towards being a more general website for all of my online things.

this website is currently being redesigned, so not all color choices and effects are final; any content is subject to sudden change or deletion. the layout is also designed for modern, up-to-date browsers — that aren't IE or Edge. sorry! those browsers are generally not standard-compliant and force a lot of exceptions to be made just for them, so i'm honestly just not going to bother unless the fix is exceptionally easy. (the site does already have some issues rendering the header in IE10, but i'm not sure what the cause is yet so it'll just have to remain for now, as i have many higher priorities.) i've given up on trying to support IE versions lower than 10, so sorry to anyone still having to use ancient hardware that only runs those!

the site will be going through a lot of behind-the-scenes changes! in addition to the layout change i'm almost finished implementing. so if you keep seeing my site in the "recently edited" section of neocities but it doesn't really look any different, that'll be why!
i'm currently in the process of adding alt text to all relevant images; there'll be a note in the changelog when i feel i've finished. when i reach that point but have also missed an image, send me a message to let me know!

if you've been brought back here through a link on my site that didn't seem like it'd take you back to the main page, the link is likely a placeholder until i finish creating the page for that link.