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welcome to the neocities mirror of my site! smiling cat i wanted to experiment with php (and also just hated more than i can describe having access only to client-side includes for injecting layout) so my main site has been moved to a webhost that has server access, but i still love neocities and will continue to maintain some kind of presence here! since this is also no longer going to be my full site, i removed all the javascript and frames for layout injection and just placed the layout code directly onto the page. JS will be used how it is on my main site, for adding extra fun effects and to fill in html5 features older browsers lack.
all the links in the dropdown navigation now go to their equivalents on my new site. i'll try to maintain parity between how my main site looks and how this neocities mirror of it looks, though it's likely i'll lag some in updating this version.

my neocities account will continue to have the social media features for my site disabled, as i still don't really want or need a place people can publicly leave feedback on my work. i'm still open to being contacted through the accounts on my contacts page in the dropdown nav above if anyone wants to leave me feedback.

table-less: tables were not used to make my layout! frame-less: frames and iframes were not used to make my layout! good browsers only hand-coded no popups notepad made viewable in any resolution you like! working towards section 508 web accessibility compliance UTF-8 encoded W3C valid html W3C valid css

coded with pride (the word pride scrolls vertically with rainbow colors) you're telling me a queer coded this this site is so gay!

This website was lovingly hand-written by a queer person. Meaning, this website is...
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super cool website award for: throwing nazis in the trash! f-word off fascists! this website has won the fergal the stray cat award for reasons unknown