welcome to my garden smiling cat this was originally a site for one of my characters, but has been transitioned over the years to a general personal site... still including the character info, of course!

the site has been going through a lot of changes, and will slowly be updated with new layout art (for the desktop version) and a new, bigger dropdown menu for both desktop and mobile! eventually. Soon™.
the site will remain NC-17 rating through all updates, and all site assets including the coding and art are mine and not for anyone else's use! the only exceptions are other peoples' public and open-source work cited in my site credits, and the buttons in the footer which take you to their respective creators' webpages.

i tried to make sure this site is accessible (which is a WIP), but if something's giving you trouble feel free to let me know! if you're not able to access the navigation menu for some reason, use this direct link to my contact me page.