home hi! this is (or rather, will be) a website for my original character, Silver of World's Heart.

the pages of actual character info themselves are intentionally not linked to each other, to prevent the spread of OOC knowledge, and just because i like some things to remain a surprise! 😸 therefore, all information on this site is available for IC use: i don't provide information anywhere on here i'm not okay with being used in any roleplays i'm a part of.

also: this website is currently being redesigned, so not all color choices and effects are final; any content is subject to sudden change or deletion. the layout is also designed for modern, up-to-date browsers — that aren't IE or Edge. sorry! those browsers are generally not standard-compliant and force a lot of exceptions to be made just for them, so i'm honestly just not going to bother unless the fix is exceptionally easy.
that said, i have added a js-based polyfill to help with rendering the site in older versions of IE. message me if it's not working or looks weird anyway and i'll see if i can fix it.

(i'm also at least somewhat incredulous at the kinds of ridiculous stuff you have to do just for a simple html include. in 2018. it's been over 14 years since i started learning web design, why isn't html as easy to include and make templates for as css???)

the site will be going through a lot of behind-the-scenes changes! in addition to the layout change i'm almost finished implementing. so if you keep seeing my site in the "recently edited" section of neocities but it doesn't really look any different, that'll be why! things i am in the process of adding are: accessibility features (tab-target friendly menus and such are mostly finished; screen reader accessibility is still being worked on), a changelog (maybe), and a contact form (so i don't have to reveal my e-mail or sign up for a guestbook just to get feedback!)
also, found a javascript solution for iOS safari's hatred of my tooltips on touchscreens. thank god. still dislike that browser immensely though.