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welcome to my garden! smiling cat this was originally a site for one of my characters, but has been transitioned over the years to a general personal site... still including the character info, of course!
javascript is no longer required for the layout to fully load but it will also take some time for me to add the no-js fallback to all pages (there are a lot of pages on this site!), and the experience on this site is generally going to be better with the navigation it's meant to have rather than shitty iframes. for any concerned: i will never serve any kind of ads or trackers, and my code isn't obfuscated in any way. you're free to verify my claims yourself if you wish, or have someone else do so for you if you can't read javascript. i also use javascript to support even very old browsers and fill in the very few more modern features i use for browsers that don't have them; browse my site at your own risk without javascript, and do so knowing you will be browsing without any of the features i use to protect people from content they may not want to see.

if you're on neocities too, you may have noticed i have none of the social media features of neocities active for my site. sorry, but that's by design! as one of the denizens of the Old Net i'm a private person, and simply don't want a feed of every update i make to be easily available or for people to be able to leave public comments on my site for other people to see and react. privacy is also the same reason my site aggressively turns away search engine crawlers. if you'd like to reach me, the contacts link in the navigation provides easy ways of privately contacting me.
that being said though, i still love neocities as a thing! i don't have expectations of other people to like it too, you're allowed to dislike it even! but my website isn't for people who actively hate neocities or who treat it like it's some place where "creativity goes to die." (i mean, what? are we seeing the same webhost at all?? every single page on neocities is more creative and true to the personal, passion-driven nature of the old web than any of the pretentious, "professional" looking garbage you'll find on primarily or exclusively paid-for webhosting. barf. geocities was such a beloved and prolific bastion of the old net for being foremost free and available to everyone – even kids! – to make the ugliest, gaudiest, and most fun shit they want no matter how much money they don't have, after all!)

the rest of the text that used to be here was moved to the about this site page, as the main page was getting a bit cumbersome and crowded! it was just copy-pasted so it may be a bit of a jarring read for now... i'll clean it up and make the content fit together better later.

table-less: tables were not used to make my layout! frame-less: frames and iframes were not used to make my layout! good browsers only hand-coded no popups notepad made viewable in any resolution you like! working towards section 508 web accessibility compliance UTF-8 encoded W3C valid html W3C valid css

coded with pride (the word pride scrolls vertically with rainbow colors) you're telling me a queer coded this this site is so gay!

This website was lovingly hand-written by a queer person. Meaning, this website is...
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