welcome to my garden smiling cat this was originally a site for one of my characters, but has been transitioned over the years to a general personal site... still including the character info, of course!

assume any site assets including the coding and art are mine and not for anyone else's use! there are some exceptions on some things not being mine, like other peoples' public and open-source work cited in my site credits. some images are also not mine and will either generally have links taking you to the image source, or have some other kind of credits attached to them (or in the case of images with lost credits, will have a disclaimer stating they aren't mine).

this site is optimized for desktop, though it is written so it will still compress gracefully even on very small screens. the content here rated MA, which means is meant for viewers 17 and older without a guardian, and only for younger viewers when they're accompanied by a guardian. swears won't be censored, and some content has a mature theme or talks about mature topics.
the page rating is also on the footer of every single page, so there's no excuses to be made for "not knowing." i take no responsibility for someone seeing something they shouldn't or didn't want to see!

i tried to make sure this site is accessible (which is a WIP), but if something's giving you trouble feel free to let me know! if you're not able to access the navigation menu for some reason, use this direct link to my contact me page. if you're accessing this page with a screen reader, i HIGHLY suggest doing so with Firefox as it seems to be the only modern browser to work well with screen readers, and will automatically add landmarks to all my html5 elements to make navigation a lot easier! firefox also doesn't hate my layout injection javascript the way IE 8 and 9 do, so if the problem is the js won't load and you're using IE i unfortunately can't help you, sorry!

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