this is 1999. EVERYONE has a web page

welcome to my garden! 😺 this was originally a site for one of my characters, but has been transitioned over the years to a general personal site... still including the character info, of course!
javascript is required for the layout to fully load which includes the site navigation! i will never serve any kind of ads or trackers, and my code isn't obfuscated in any way. you're free to verify my claims yourself if you wish, or have someone else do so for you if you can't read javascript. i also use javascript to support even very old browsers and fill in the very few more modern features i use for browsers that don't have them; browse my site at your own risk without javascript, and do so knowing you will be browsing without any of the features i use to protect people from content they may not want to see.
if you're on neocities too, you may have noticed i have none of the social media features of neocities active for my site. sorry, but that's by design! as one of the denizens of the Old Net i'm a private person, and simply don't want a feed of every update i make to be easily available or for people to be able to leave public comments on my site for other people to see and react. privacy is also the same reason my site aggressively turns away search engine crawlers. if you'd like to reach me, the contacts link in the navigation provides easy ways of privately contacting me.

assume any site assets including the coding and art are mine and not for anyone else's use! there are some exceptions on some things not being mine, like other peoples' public and open-source work cited in my site credits. some images are also not mine and will either generally have links taking you to the image source, or have some other kind of credits attached to them (or in the case of images with lost credits, will have a disclaimer stating they aren't mine).

this site is optimized for desktop, though it is coded to still compress gracefully even on very small screens. i'm also currently trying transfer everything to "polyglot markup", or HTML5 that can also be processed as XHTML. why? well, for fun, of course! XHTML is also restrictive and requires code be a lot cleaner than HTML does, and working within constraints is an interesting challenge! the XML processor used for XHTML can also afford to be a lot less resource intensive than the HTML processor because of XML requiring cleaner code, which isn't a big deal for most modern machines but is pretty noticeable on older, slower hardware. (which, i mean, yeah i still love to use a shitton of images all over my site so any performance gains will be negligible in the face of Image Heavy Website Hell, but. you know. still just primarily doing this for fun 😹)
the content here rated MA, which means is meant for viewers 17 and older without a guardian, and only for younger viewers when they're accompanied by a guardian. swears won't be censored, and some content has a mature theme or talks about mature topics. the page rating is also on the footer of every single page, so there's no excuses to be made for "not knowing." i take no responsibility for someone seeing something they shouldn't or didn't want to see!

i tried to make sure this site is accessible (which is a WIP), but if something's giving you trouble feel free to let me know! if you're not able to access the navigation menu for some reason, use this direct link to my contact me page. if you're accessing this page with a screen reader, i HIGHLY suggest doing so with Firefox as it seems to be the only modern browser to work well with screen readers, and will automatically add landmarks to all my html5 elements to make navigation a lot easier! if you're still using IE, my layout injection scripts should now work even for IE6, but on the off-chance they still somehow don't you can reach my sitemap here.
i have also added some javascript that should fix iOS safari's horrifically shitty, buggy handling of hover events which should allow my menus to open up when poked on a touchscreen without me having to add empty touch events to literally every single menu on my site. if they don't seem to work, feel free to use my contact link. (though really why in all the hells are people still using safari? please use something not coded with complete incompetence, like... i don't know... literally any other browser.)

table-less: tables were not used to make my layout! frame-less: frames and iframes were not used to make my layout! good browsers only hand-coded no popups notepad made viewable in any resolution you like! working towards section 508 web accessibility compliance UTF-8 encoded W3C valid css

This website was lovingly hand-written by a queer person. Meaning, this website is...

("good browsers" meaning Firefox and its forks, Vivaldi, unGoogled Chromium, Bromite, Kiwi, and the DuckDuckGo browser. i try to support all browsers, even old IE, but won't bother prioritizing pain in the ass browsers like Safari unless i feel like it. IE support is actually more necessary; as far as i've read it's one of the only browsers that works with desktop screenreaders, especially on older systems, and as much as i prefer firefox i'd rather not limit low vision people as their choices in browsers seem smaller than those for sighted people.)